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VAS6274 System napinania sprężyn- używany

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The spring compressing system VAS 6274 is required for removal and installation of the coil springs on the rear axle of the Audi A6 2005>. This item of workshop equipment is also absolutely essential for repair work on the rear axle and for removal and installation of the fuel tank. With the aid of thrust plates VAS 6274/1 and VAS 6274/2, the spring is tensioned mechanically by means of a spindle VAS 6274/3 and a plunger VAS 6274/4. To do this, the T-bar VAS 6274/5, socket VAS 6274/6 and counter-hold tool VAS 6274/7 are required in addition. The spreader device VAS 6274/8 is placed in between the upper wishbone and the vehicle body to maintain the height after the coil spring has been removed. The hydraulic tensioning device VAS 6274/9 is required to preload and detention the removed spring. The mechanically tensioned spring pack should only be de-tentioned when no longer installed on the vehicle using the hydraulic tensioning device VAS 6274/9. The application is described in the relevant workshop manual. Items supplied: 1 thrust plate with locking mechanism, VAS 6274/1 1 thrust plate with swivel mounting, VAS 6274/2 1 spindle, VAS 6274/3 1 plunger, VAS 6274/4 1 T-bar, VAS 6274/5 1 socket, VAS 6274/6 1 counter-hold tool, VAS 6274/7 1 spreader device, VAS 6274/8 1 hydraulic tensioning device, VAS 6274/9 1 plastic case

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