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VAS5187 Tester ciśnienia paliwa 1.9TDI


VAS5187 Tester ciśnienia paliwa 1.9TDI

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VAS5187 Tester ciśnienia paliwa 1.9TDI

Tandem pump tester VAS 5187

Used to test fuel pressure on 3 and 4 cylinder diesel engines with unit injectors

Design and features

Pressure gauge with protective housing
Scale: 0 to 10 bar and 0 to 150 psi
Graduation: 0.2 bar and 2 psi
Quality grade: 1.0

Replacement parts

Pressure gauge

Banjo bolt with seal
VAS 5187/1A, ASE 404 520 02 000

Storage case
VAS 5187/5, ASE 403 028 00 000

Recommended accessories

Adapter set
VAS 5187/6, ASE 404 505 00 000

VAS 5187/7, ASE 404 525 00 000

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