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VAS6558 Adapter testowy-moduł hybrydowy

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The hybrid test module serves to measure the high voltage insulation resistance and de-energisation on hybrid vehicles. The hybrid test module can be used independently. However, for reasons of safety, it can only be used in conjunction with "Guided fault finding" (from basic CD 18/ODIS). To adapt the hybrid test module VAS 6558, hybrid test adapter set VAS 6558/1 is required in addition Design and features Test cable with insulated test probes. Fuse protection against excess current, overload and short circuit for highest possible personal protection. Input and output are separated galvanically (via USB interface). Technical data Test voltage of 500 volt to 1000 volt (can be adjusted via software, in increments). Direct measurement of insulation resistance (via base spot resistance), and also in line with SAE J 1766 standard via selectable resistance. The power is supplied via the USB interface. Output is restricted to approx. 1.5 watt. Calculation of insulation resistance and display in ohms/volts and also as overall resistance. Measuring ranges: ± 750 volts, resolution 0.5 volt, ± 1.5% v.M. + 5 digits ± 100 volts, resolution 0.1 volt, ± 1.0% v.M. + 5 digits ± 20 volts, resolution 0.01 volts, ± 0.5% v.M. + 5 digits.

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