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VAS6223 Zestaw naprawczy światłowodów

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The Fiber-optic conductor repair set serves as a means of repairing the fiber-optics used in new vehicles (e.g. Audi A8, MY 2003) within the infotainment system. Since these fiber-optics have to be routed alongside the vehicle wiring harness during repair, the lengths tend to differ from the original wiring harness. Specific bend radii of the fiber-optics have to be assured to safeguard trouble-free operation. For this reason, special length adaptation is necessary. The pliers and exchange heads are now compatible with VAS 1978B. Items supplied: 1 plastic case, black 1 set of pliers for cutting and stripping fiber-optics 1 set of pliers for fiber-optic contacts (crimps) 2 fiber-optic cables with contacts in corrugated tube 20 fiber-optic brass contacts (pin type) 20 MOST protective caps for fiber-optic cable/brass contact 10 wiring harness connectors (inner part/basic module) 10 wiring harness connectors (outer part) 20 MOST protective caps (pigtail) for control unit 20 MOST protective caps for wiring harness connectors 1 tools for assembly and removal of corrugated tube 1 brochure for fiber-optic repair case.

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