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VAG1397A Tester turbosprężarek


VAG1397A Tester turbosprężarek

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VAG1397A Tester turbosprężarek

Measuring device to determine and evaluate turbocharger boost pressure. -Absolute pressure measurement for Audi turbo engines with electronic boost pressure control. Boost pressure is regulated via absolute pressure sensors depending on altitude. -Relative pressure measurement for Volkswagen turbo engines and older Audi turbo engines without boost pressure control. Design and features: Scale absolute pressure: 0 to 2.999 bar Scale relief pressure: -0.600 to 2.99 bar Measuring accuracy: 0.5% Pressure relief:dual Display: LCD, 4-pos.,13 mm character height Resolution: 0.006 bar Power consumption: max. 12 mA Power supply: 9 V Current value memory connection hose: 5 m with quick-release coupling Housing: ABS Dimensions (WxLxH)mm: 90/60x155x35

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