VAS6430/6 Narzędzie kalibracji Night Vision Zobacz większe

VAS6430/6 Narzędzie kalibracji Night Vision


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Accessory for adjusting unit VAS 6430/VAS 6430/1. The calibration unit VAS 6430/6 is required to supplement adjusting unit VAS 6430/1 and line laser VAS 6350/3 to adjust and calibrate the thermal imaging camera of the enhanced night vision system. The "enhanced night vision system with highlighting of detected pedestrians" enables the driver to detect, in the dark, persons in the front area of the vehicle that would not be noticeable without enhanced night vision system. Using images from the camera, the enhanced night vision system can prognose the trajectory of movement of pedestrians that are detected by the system. If a collision between vehicle and pedestrians is calculated, an acoustic warning signal is sounded to enable the driver to react in good time against the hazard. To adjust the warning range, calibration unit VAS 6430/6 is placed on VAS 6430/1 and positioned in the center of vehicle travel with the aid of a Volkswagen AG approved wheel alignment computer. The calibration unit serves as a reference heat source for the thermal imaging camera, which is adjusted according in accordance with instructions from a diagnosis unit. Items supplied In the case: - Calibration unit - Multi-range mains unit 100~240V 50/60Hz (universal) - Assembly and operating instructions


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