VAS6395 Turbo E-pozycjoner zestaw serwisowy- używany


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VAS 6395 is required for exchange of the E-positioner on the turbocharger. With VAS 6395 the old E-positioner can be interrogated and readjusted with the aid of guided steps. Since the new E-positioner has to be set exactly to 20 mV, exchange without VAS 6395 is not possible. The application is described in the relevant workshop manual. Introduction: Audi A4 and Audi A6, with 2.7L TDI engine. Tool contains: VAS6395/1 = Electronic Unit (E-Box) VAS6395/2 = Cable Sets VAS6395/4 = Supplementary Set (consists of VAS6395/4-1,VAS6395/4-2 and VAS6395/4-3) VAS6395/5 = Bracket (BIN 5) VAS6395/9 = Storage Container


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