VAS6096 Zestaw do napełniania układu chłodzenia Zobacz większe

VAS6096 Zestaw do napełniania układu chłodzenia


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The cooling system charge unit VAS 6096 serves as a means of charging the cooling system quickly, effectively and independent of gravity. An adapter from the cooling system tester V.A.G 1274 is used for this purpose. Coolant cannot circulate in an incorrectly filled cooling system containing air. The result is thermal stressing of individual engine parts. This can be completely avoided using the cooling system charge unit. There is also an aid for checking the cooling system for leaks directly prior to charging. This way, charging a defective or damaged cooling system can be avoided at the outset. Advantages: - charging cooling system without air bubbles - big saving in time as bleeding no longer necessary - avoidance of incorrect charging by means of leak test before charging - effective charging and ease of operation - simple use - quick to set-up due to quick acting coupling system - operates using air pressure, 6 to 12 bar - safe to use on all models on market. Connection to expansion tank via adapter from cooling system tester V.A.G 1274. - function and leak test of charge unit without need for additional equipment (self test) Design and features: Using VAS 6096, a vacuum is created in the repaired, but not yet filled cooling system. If the vacuum remains stable, the cooling system is airtight and the repair work was successful (leak test). If the vacuum drops, this is a clear sign that there is a leak in the system i.e. the cooling system must not be charged. If the leak test was performed successfully, the cooling system can be charged quickly and without air bubbles being generated by coolant being pumped from the unit`s reservoir. Once the pressure has been balanced between cooling system and surroundings, the system is completely filled. Then just top up the system to the mark in the expansion tank. Items supplied: Radiator, vacuum charging unit Adaptation of adapter from cooling system tester V.A.G 1274 20 litre reservoir


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