VAS6056 Zestaw naprawczy linek hamulcowych Zobacz większe

VAS6056 Zestaw naprawczy linek hamulcowych


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The newly developed flanging tool VAS 6056 is required for flanging brake lines. The new plastic coated brake lines of 5.25 mm in diameter have already been introduced at VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat. With the use of the new flanging tool, preformed complete lines are no longer necessary in the event of repair as segments can now be replaced. The separating points and use of the flanging tool are described in the workshop manual. By simply exchanging the clamp jaws, standard brake lines of 4.75 mm can also be flanged. Items supplied: 1 flanging tool VAS 6056/1-1 Includes: Angle head driver AF 6 Clamp jaws VAS 6056/6 (for plastic coated brake lines d = approx. 5.25 mm) 1 pipe cutter VAS 6056/2 1 brake line scraper VAS 6056/3 1 set of grips with plastic jaws VAS 6056/4 1 pipe bending tool VAS 6056/5 1 set of clamp jaws VAS 6056/7 (for brake line diameter = approx. 4.75 mm) Plastic case


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