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VAS5056C Tester pomocniczy Airbag


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VAS5056C Tester pomocniczy Airbag

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VAS5056C Tester pomocniczy Airbag

The control unit does not always give clear fault messages regarding faults in the airbag system. The fault could be in the current path e.g. in a defective igniter, in the coil or in the wiring. To pinpoint the defective part the auxiliary airbag tester VAS 5056 C is required, which allows testing of the entire current path without special safety precautions having to be met for the airbag. Items supplied Tester including adapter leads VAS 5056/1 VAS 5056/2 VAS 5056/3 and VAS 5056/4 and case. From March 2002, the storage case is included in the items supplied with the auxiliary airbag tester VAS 5056C, ASE 442 018 01 000.


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